Gin is definitely not just a passing trend in Cape Town. As the months roll by, more and more juniper creations are making their way into the Mother City. To help you decide which ones to try next, we’ve compiled a list of new gins to add to your 2019 must-try list.

1. Roku Gin

The refined result of years of meticulous attention to detail, in a sleek hexagonal bottle, Roku Gin is nothing short of perfection and is just now arriving on local shelves.

In keeping with its name, which means ‘six’ in Japanese, Roku features seven high-grade Japanese botanicals.

This delightful blend of Cherry Blossoms, Sakura Leaf, Yuzu Peel, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea, and Sansho pepper offers the drinker a journey with each sip.

The gin has a delicate, sweet aroma and taste, finished off with peppery notes and zesty lemon highlights.

This is definitely one to add to your home gin stock.


2. Irish Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin

This delicious gin, with its beautiful, bevelled blue bottle, is certainly something different. Infused with 12 botanicals from across Asia and Ireland, it is slow-distilled by hand in a medieval copper pot at the Shed Distillery in the tiny rural village of Drumshanbo in the Republic of Ireland.

Eight botanicals are added to the copper pot still; star anise from China; coriander seed from Romania; angelica root from Germany; caraway seed and cardamom from India; orris root from Morocco; Juniper berries from Macedonia; and Meadowsweet from Ireland. A further four botanicals are then added to the vapour basket, Gunpowder tea and Chinese lemon from China, oriental grapefruit from Indonesia and makrut lime from Cambodia. This unlikely concoction is left to rest and mature.

This gin introduces its drinker to a flavour profile not often experienced.


3. Aviation Gin

This newly-landed American creation, from Canadian-American actor and film producer Ryan Reynolds, certainly takes its drinker to new heights.

It is the first gin created specially for being mixed with cocktails and is defined by its soft, refreshing citrus and floral notes.

Unlike other gins, Aviation is not juniper-forward but citrus-forward, and allows for an easy mix with other ingredients. As a gin, it just may be one of the most versatile; call it the gin of all trades.


4. Monks Mary Jane Gin

As Cape Town has welcomed the decriminalisation of dagga, so has a trend of cannabis-infused artisan products bloomed.

Monks Mary Jane Gin is one off the first gins that allows for a unique mix of two of the city’s most talked about ingredients: gin and hemp.

The strong yet pleasant taste of this medicinal plant comes through as you savour a glass. This is one for the adventurers looking for the next gin experience to top the last.


5. Muti Gin

This local blend, as its name suggests, has been created to treat the many ailments of life.

Inspired by South Africa and the country’s many medicinal natural wonders, Muti Gin brings them all into an easily-enjoyed spirit.

Developed by a husband and wife duo, this unique creation has sweet-and-salty notes of Juniper, lemon zest, coriander – and a little love into the mix.

It has a herbal yet sweet taste with a silky-smooth burst of citrus notes that end in a longer-lingering salty Ghô-Kum flavour warmed by final hints of ginger.

This is a remedy you’ll want to drink time and time again.


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