Young Tam Emery (13) from Rondebosch, Cape Town is setting a sterling example for South Africans everywhere by donating the money she is making from home-baked cinnabon deliveries towards feeding those in need.

“Tam has always loved baking, when lockdown started she started to bake for the family. Then I started making soup for the feeding scheme which our Neighbour is involved in, and she had the idea to bake and sell to neighbours and donate money to the feeding scheme. So it started off as a message on our road WhatsApp group and snow balled from there,” says Tam’s mother Debbie.

The delicious cinnabons Tam likes to bake.

Debbie says ever since she was little Tam has always loved donating, whether it’s to CANSA or by packing food parcels for families affected by HIV at their church. Debbie says they have always encouraged donating in their home and are proud to see Tam always doing her part to help others.

“Tam gets so much joy from donating. As I said it is something she has always done. She sets herself goals to achieve. The first goal with the buns was R5000, but she has achieved that now. So she is aiming for 10K,” adds Debbie.

Tam handing over her latest donation to During’s soup kitchen.

Tam has actively been donating towards Helen During’s soup kitchen that helps feed hungry families in Langa.

“This amazing young lady Tam Emery has donated over R4200 by baking cinnamon buns to order and donating all the proceeds to our soup kitchen. Her cash is used immediately to buy the soup ingredients for Silwood Kitchen and they make approximately two HUGE drums of chicken soup for Langa with every R800 donated. What a champion!! And let me add they are delicious,” said During.

Debbie says she is also so proud of the way her daughter has handled this difficult time.

“As a mother I am so unbelievably proud of her. Apart from the amazing difference she is making to hungry people, it has given her such direction and purpose in a time when that can so easily be lost,”she adds.

Tam ready to bake in the kitchen.

While Tam has done a lot to help the cause that is close to her heart, she is only half way to her target. If you live in the Rondebosch area and would like to support you can like her Facebook page and order some of her delicious cinnabons, with all proceeds going towards a good cause.

Four buns is R100 and six buns is R150. Contact Tam to order at 0607524025.

Help Tam make the world a sweeter place one cinnabon at a time.

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