A Gordon’s Bay man is desperately searching for a South African Police Service (SAPS) member who helped his family through a traumatic experience.

“I would just like to thank the SAPS member who assisted my wife with my daughter who got a big epileptic attack, from my heart,” Gerhard Marais wrote in a Facebook post shared on the Gordon’s Bay community group.

According to Marais, his wife Laura was driving with their daughter and had to stop opposite the Greenways Golf Estate in Strand when her daughter began having an epileptic seizure beside her in the bakkie.

The unnamed SAPS member assisted Laura in calming her daughter down while they waited for a doctor.

Marais’ daughter has some sore muscles after her epileptic seizure, but after some tests, she is in good health.

Gerhard’s daughter (Source: Supplied)

Unfortunately, Laura does not have a full description of the SAPS member who assisted her.

“The only thing she told me he was in uniform, and was in a white bus. She thinks it was a Mercedes bus. He is about 1.7 m tall,” he said.

Marais’ daughter is autistic, and her only message to the SAPS member who helped her and her mother is: “Thank you, mr police man for your help.” His wife also thanks the gallant police man for assisting her and keeping her calm as she rushed to call a doctor to assist her daughter.

“She is sorry that she couldn’t thank him on the spot because she was in total shock,” Marais said. “I want to tell him that he is a hero and he must come out, I want to shake his hand and everybody must know that there are good cops, not all are bad.”

“I hope I can find him,” Marais said. “The public must know about him.”

Anyone with information on the SAPS member who assisted the family is urged to make contact on 081 588 9157.

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