While the lockdown has had a positive affect on many forms of crime, victims living with their abusers are experiencing a particularly difficult situation during their time spent at home.

Living with an abusive individual can be life threatening and leave victims feeling hopeless and alone. Key signs of an abusive relationship include possessiveness, jealousy, threats, frequent verbal insults and physical and sexual violence.

While in an abusive relationship, it can be difficult for victims to reach out for help or tell someone about their abuser without facing abuse for having done so.

A movement that has been spreading on social media and many Facebook groups is giving victims hope. A number of men and women across the country have started advertising their “homemade soaps” on local groups giving victims a sort of secret code to ask for help without their abusers knowing.

According to the posts, if the victim messages inquiring about handmade soap to the poster, the poster know to continually check in on the person who made the query. If a victim asks about buying the soaps and includes a shipping address for delivery, the poster knows to contact the police for help. In addition, if the victim is involved in an abusive relationship and has a child they can also include a query about children’s bubble bath to notify the poster.

The movement has arisen as domestic violence cases have increased since lockdown first started and communities are looking for ways to support those who are victims of abuse.

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