Cape Town-based organisation Pit Pals is responsible for rehoming almost 400 Pit Bulls and other power breeds over the last 3 years. Now their future, and that of countless Pit Bulls, hangs in the balance because the land they operate on may be sold.

Over the years Pit Pals has worked hard to establish a comfortable living environment for the Pit Bulls in their care. They have renovated and rebuilt 22 of the landlords kennels so if the land is sold to someone else, the organisation will lose all of their progress and have no place to keep their beloved dogs.

The 54 acre farm where Pit Pals is located is up for sale and the landlord has offered the organisation the chance to buy the land but for R2.5-million.

Bentley, one of the adorable Pit Bulls in Pit Pals’ care.

Pit Pals is a very active organisation, doing everything they can to provide for the Pitbulls in their care, they are constantly arranging fundraisers, selling branded clothing and merchandise, as well as partaking in weekly auctions and regular events to keep their dogs happy and healthy.

Even though Pit Pals is able to keep afloat through various initiatives, the massive price tag on the land is beyond their reach.

“We have an opportunity to buy the farm our kennels are currently on please help us make it home for us as an organization – permanently! We’d really appreciate it if you could share with your family and friends living all across the globe,” the organisation said in a Facebook post.

A smiling resident at Pit Pals.

In spite of the seemingly impossible feat of buying the land, the Pit Pals organisation is planning to do just that but is appealing to the community to assist them by helping the beautiful animals in their care.

On top of this they hope to build additional kennels and create more opportunity for other local organisations to join hands in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming more dogs than ever before.

Part of this plan includes building accommodation for volunteers who are wanting to join their team and live their dream of making the world a better place for misunderstood power breads.

Another lovable Pit Pals resident.

The Pit Pals owners have even put their own home up for sale but even the full asking price will not be enough to cover the cost of the farm.

If you would like to help change the lives of lovable Pit Bulls and other power breads while securing the future of one of Cape Town’s much-loved organisations, you can donate here.

Animal-lovers can also sponsor a rescue for R250 a month to help with kennel fees and the never ending need for food.

We paid a visit to Pit Pals, check the video out here:

Contact Pit Pals at 076 673 4734 if you would like to donate or share ideas with their team.

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