There are moments when animals teach us so much about unconditional love. From the legendary story of Hachiko’s immeasurable loyalty, to tales of brave dogs defending their families under threat, you don’t have to dig very deep to find out how incredibly loyal they can be – just think of your own beloved pet’s devotion to you.

“A few days ago we received a call that moved us to tears,” Tara McGovern, Cape of Goodhope (CoGH) SPCA spokesperson said. “A homeless man had sadly been found unconscious on a sidewalk in the Parow area having lain there for two whole days. When someone finally noticed that he was clearly gravely ill an ambulance was called to take this poor soul to a hospital for urgent medical attention.”

During this time a security guard patrolling the area noticed a small, black dog patiently sitting with its owner – it had stayed by his side for the entire two days while he was immobile. The security guard, not knowing where the ambulance had taken the man, asked the SAPS to help the dog and it was taken to the nearest vet.

Jody Africa, CoGH SPCA Pound Manager, immediately collected the very friendly male collie for safe-keeping. Bilbo, as he is now being called, is a charming dog around seven years of age. 

Bilbo, photographed here with Jody Africa is looking for his dad.  Picture: Supplied

“Bilbo is a very loving dog and we can’t imagine what he went through sitting next to his owner for two days – no food, no water and no idea about what was happening, “why is my master not talking to me or petting me or walking me like he normally does?”,” Africa said. “We have seen firsthand just how incredible the bond between homeless people and their pets can be… So often these dogs are the only source of unconditional love and companionship in their lives and if this man has survived, we are sure he is missing Bilbo dearly.”

“Should anyone have any contacts in hospitals around the Cape Metropole – possibly government hospitals near Parow – please share this post with them,” said Africa.  

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Bilbo’s owner may use the following details to get in touch with CoGH SPCA:

Call: 0217004140
Email: [email protected]
Operational hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm, Sat – Sun 8am – 12pm

Picture: Pixabay

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