The town of Hermanus is one of the Western Cape’s most popular coastal retreats, and is home to the famous Hermanus Fynarts Festival. It is also a creative hub, as many artists and writers call the serene town home.

The Overberg Municipality recently put out a call for artists to paint the bollards in the Hermanus CBD. Each artist selected one to paint however they wished.

A great initiative to brighten up the bollards on the front of Hermanus CBD. Artists were given a pole to decorate – and…

Posted by Malcolm Bowling Fine Art on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The painting session took place on July 3, and all the artists could be seen happily immersed in their work as they painted.

“Today Hermanus and Onrus artists are colouring the Old Harbour in Hermanus and drawing attention to how nature and art can integrate to add positivity,” the Overberg Municipality said via its Facebook page.

Picture: Overberg Municipality/Facebook

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