Hermanus has long been known as one of the best spots to watch whales from in the country, but locals will be happy to know that international publication The Telegraph has voted it as the world’s best spot to see these ocean giants frolick from.

“Heading out to sea isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – and you don’t have to if you go to the small fishing village of Hermanus, overlooking the Atlantic two hours east of Cape Town,” an article by The Telegraph reads. “Southern right whales come to calf and mate off this coast between June and November, performing their acrobatics incredibly close to the shore. Tailor-made specialist Turquoise Holidays includes a visit to Hermanus on its 10-day South Africa itinerary.”

Southern right whales migrate to warmer climates, and are typically seen off the shores of picturesque Hermanus from June. Here the waters teem with these giant marine mammals, and spectators can see them mating, playing and rearing their young.

Calving season for whales typically peaks between July and August, and whales can still be seen between September and October. The prime whale-watching period along the Cape’s south coast is between July and August – this also means that some whales may have migrated up as far north as KwaZulu-Natal.

Humpback whales are typically seen between May and December, before they make their way up the coast to St Lucia.

South Africa beat several other whale watching destinations on The Telegraph’s list – check them out below:

10. Madeira – Portuguese Island

9. Christchurch – New Zealand

8. Cetaceans – Azores

7. Queensland – Australia

6. Grundarfjorour – Iceland

5. San Ignacio Lagoon – Mexico

4. Vancouver Island – Canada

3. Canary Island

2. California – United States of America

1. Hermanus – South Africa


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