While out exploring Deer Park on Sunday afternoon local athlete Martin Lee Pan was lucky enough to run into a beautiful and curious caracal along the way.

The Urban Caracal Project confirmed that the caracal spotted is no other than Hermes, the 33rd tagged caracal in the project.

Hermes is known for his calm and casual behavior and is often spotted strolling through the mountains, unafraid to inspect passersby.

He was recently captured in two videos doing his usual relaxed walk through the mountainside. Hermes is a good example of caracals becoming accustomed to human interaction, due to the sprawling urban areas that blend with the Cape’s natural landscapes, as the city grows the more exposure the wild cats experience.

Pan said the caracal was timid at first but eventually started following him along his route, he decided to pick up the speed and leave the wild cat to enjoy the rest of his Sunday alone.

Here are a few pictures taken during Pan’s run:

Pictures: Martin Lee Pan

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