Lucky locals became unexpectedly surrounded by cheerful swimming and jumping dusky dolphins in what appeared to be the thousands during a casual sea outing over the weekend.

Yesterday, ocean-lover and creator of the Seafari App, which allows users to report marine mammal sightings from around the globe, took to the sea with Captain Jack’s Whale & Dolphin Watching Scenic Cruises, not knowing he and the other passengers would experience this breathtaking sight.

Dolphins swimming by.

While cruising near the shore at The Kakapo Shipwreck in Noordhoek, the group spotted what appeared to be a dozen or so dusky dolphins. As the pod started moving towards them, however, they realised that there were actually far more of the marine creatures than they had thought.

In an instant, the cruise boat was surrounded by throngs of lively dolphins, jumping out of the water as they passed and travelling together as a huge pod.

There was great excitement on the boat, the sighting was a truly special experience that doesn’t come around everyday.

Dusky dolphins are a charming, smaller species of dolphin, identifiable by their dark beak or rostrum and unique dark side markings.

One happy dolphin jumping into the air.

They are well-known for their remarkable acrobatics, often leaping high out of the water to show off with aerodynamic displays.

Check out more amazing ocean sightings from Seafari App or download the app here.

Pictures: Seafari App/@danibalea

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