We may not be able to enjoy the refreshing coolness of the ocean under Level 3 lockdown, but Cape’s marine life seems to be loving it.

A pod of at least 10 feeding humpback whales were spotted near the Boss 4oo shipwreck, close to Chapman’s Peak, by patrons on a whale watching trip with Captain Jack’s Cruises on Saturday [January 9].

They put on a spectacular show by swimming around and revealing their beautiful tails.

Did you know? Humpback whales are known for their musical voices, and often make complex moans, howls, cries, and other noises in sequence to communicate with others and attract potential mates.

Humpback whales are frequent visitors of the Cape’s seas and are known for their playful antics and charming curiosity.

The best places to view these magnificent creatures include Hermanus, Algoa Bay, Paternoster, Langebaan, Mossel Bay, and Knysna.

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Picture: screenshot from video

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