Eager Imizamo Yethu volunteers have been spending their lockdown days cleaning up their community for the last two months.

Come rain or shine, volunteers from IY Ukuphila Community Cleanup spend three days a week cleaning up the area to make a difference. Some volunteers have jobs and help out on their off days, but the majority are unemployed and are putting their time to good use while looking for work.

“Gratitude to these hardworking volunteers who are working hard to make a difference to their community by taking the initiative by creating a team with a positive “can do” attitude”, wrote the organisers on their Facebook page.

“For two months now, these women and men have been getting up, going out and cleaning the piles of rubbish strewn in the streets and open areas of Imizamo Yeto. Well done all!”

Even more people from Hout Bay have gotten in on this charitable work. Massimo’s supplies pizzas as a part of their ‘Pay it forward’ campaign. The Voetsek Kitchen, Sandra Hayes, Mary Hilton and her mom, Ashley Habib, and Michelle Bristow have donated cases of Genesis High Energy Food which is a self-contained mix of a high energy high protein complete balanced meal in a pouch.

If you would like to help support this worthy cause, please get in touch with IY Ukuphila Community Cleanup on their Facebook page.

Picture/s: Facebook / IY Ukuphila Community Cleanup

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