The group that has been making waves with their positivity and dedication to South Africa is doing their bit by supporting farmers in the Northern Cape as they struggle through the drought.

The Williston community has been suffering for over nine years as the drought in the area seems to be going nowhere. The #ImStaying group decided to do all they can to help the small community and made a call for raising funds together with the Farmers Aid NPC.

Williston has a shortage of food for livestock as well as a general shortage of necessities as the area’s economy wilts with the vegetation around it. If it weren’t for the support they received from the local group, farmers in this area would have to make a tough decision to either pay exorbitant prices to feed their livestock or slaughter them.

Farmers in the area no longer make money from their work but work to feed their families instead. With few options remaining the community may soon have to use their remaining livestock as a source of food.

The drought is tearing the community apart, and has even led to suicides as some have given up hope.

Upon hearing the news of the drought stricken area, the #ImStaying group took action and managed to raise over R242 000 to help support the Williston community and bring them the supplies they need.

Supplies brought together to help the Williston community.

“As one of the largest online communities on the African continent #ImStaying  members have a real chance to make an impact in the lives of this community by way of donating money to this Backabuddy fund which we have created, or by way of food, water and toiletries.We have already generated over R40 000 in less than two days. To put this into perspective a donation of R200 could feed a small family for two days or more, or provide one bail of food for the livestock.We can make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of people by coming together on this project,” the group said on their funding page.

Much-needed grocery items packed for delivery to Williston.

Together with its members and dedicated South Africans, the group was able to deliver thousands of rands worth of livestock feed, food and toiletries.

In a matter of days the much-needed aid was brought to the community and positive change has touched the small town, showing South Africans everywhere that we can make a difference for the better when we work together.

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