Over the past few months the team at the Station on Bree have not been sitting still – quite the opposite in fact. In a new partnership with the House of London Group, they have been passionately polishing every area of the business in order to provide a COVID compliant setting, better service, a fresh spin on their most loved dishes and the same great value for money.

The Group will be opening a new elegant dining room in mid-October called Lord’s. They have appointed the expertise of Chef Warwick King to introduce the new premium space. The elegant 40 – 50 seater first-class carriage will offer specialised service and plating, as well as an exceptional wine list. 

The Station’s proverbial engine room has also seen a change in major role players, welcoming a new Bar Manager and Front of House Manager to the dynamic team.

Warwick King cut his teeth at the luxury Phinda Private Game Reserve before solidifying his craft at The Bay Hotel, The Stack, The Ritz, the Delaire Graff Wine Estate and Lodge as well as Gåte – the latter of which he was really able to exercise his creativity for plating. More refined palettes will enjoy his Chef’s Daily Choice, which will include a selection of dishes that really reflect Warwick’s personality on a plate. With Summer on the horizon, think fresh fish and other locally sourced ingredients offering the flavours of the Western Cape.

Warwick is in the process of reengineering every dish on The Station menu too, giving each dish a twist in terms of presentation whilst ensuring everything is of the highest quality.

Award-winning mixologist Adri Ford has been newly appointed as The Station’s Bar Manager, and her and Warwick will be working closely together to ensure an outstanding all-round experience. They are already looking to create in-house juice ferments that would lay a foundation to mix with the Group’s collection of more than 160 gins, and different tonics.

Adri comes with extensive experience having worked for the Silo Hotel, the Kove Collection and as Master Mixologist for Carnival Cruises. She was also the World Winner of the Bacardi Cruise Competition in Miami in 2012 and 2013, and starred alongside Celebrity Chef Bertus Basson in his thirteen part television series.

The Station has always been a melting pot for all kinds of cultures, and so Adri’s international work experience and extensive exposure to different cultures comes with great value to the Group. As with the food offering, Adri will be ensuring a personalised bar experience including premium wine pairings and bespoke cocktails, with interactive elements.

The Station will continue to offer 2-4-1 cocktails every Tuesday to Friday (from 5pm to 7pm), and their popular Mini Gin Fest (every Saturday) will start again on September 26. During opening week they will also be offering every customer ordering a meal a double gin on the rocks.

The Station on Bree reopened on Tuesday, September 22 and Lord’s will open mid October.

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