The Vib (said like “vibe”) Best Western Cape Town is the newest kid on the Green Point block. This vibey spot fits perfectly into the rhythm of this trendy neighbourhood and offers everything a visitor to the city would need.

The hotel rises from the street offering unparalleled views of the major Green Point attractions before looking out over the beautiful stretch of ocean. As you walk into the lobby, you’re greeted with a clean, modern look and the now-requisite hand sanitiser. The staff are friendly and efficient, making sure you feel safe and comfortable.

We were given a fourth-floor room which had an impressive view onto Cape Town Stadium and over Green Point Park. Designed as the perfect compact hideaway above the city, the room features a comfortable bed with the softest pillows. The room makes the most of its small space, with the bed headboard doubling as the back stand for the desk. Interestingly, there aren’t any cupboards but rather a minimalist twist, with drawers sliding out from under the bed and hooks to hang your coats and dresses on against the wall.

Once we were packed away, we made a mission to the best feature of the hotel: the pool deck. This has to be the best addition to the Cape Town skyline, which is already covered with great rooftops. The pool sits on the edge of the roof, with a glass panel so you feel like you’re swimming on the edge of the world. If you’re not much of a swimmer, sitting back on the lounge chairs and taking in the unparalleled view is just as great.

We were treated to dinner at the hotel’s restaurant and bar, Eye Bar. It features a variety of flavours from around the world, including some South African treats. Since the alcohol ban is still in place, we started off our meal with incredible non-alcoholic cocktails.

Our starters were out-of-this-world goats cheese poppers and won-tons. The mains didn’t disappoint either, with a tandoori cauliflower and butternut delight, and mouth-watering ribeye steak.  The menu is still expanding and changing, with even more vegan and gluten-free options being made available soon.

Before reluctantly leaving, we made our way up to a unique feature of the hotel, the in-house art gallery. The Jaffer Modern features incredible creations by African and South African artists. Featuring 80 pieces chosen by guest curator Margie Murgatroyd, Gathering, ranges from portraits to mixed media to photography. The space is open and inviting, making it a great addition to the city’s art scene.

The hotel isn’t just another building added to the Atlantic seaboard, it elevates the neighbourhood and brings together the best parts of the city.

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