Snow Report SA shared a video of snow falling on Table Mountain on Monday morning. In a post they said: And here we have it! Megham and Matt found the snow on Table Mountain. “Hi! Had quite a bit of snow on Table mountain about an hour and a half ago. Also had quite a lot of hail a little lower down. Didnt take more photos our hands were too cold.”

The snow was found on on Smuts track from top of Skeletons Gorge to Maclears beacon. Weather conditions on Table Mountain are dangerous so be careful if you are hiking on the mountain.

On Saturday, there were talks of up to 7cm of snow falling on Table Mountain on Sunday night and Monday morning. Snow has been recorded on the mountain before, but it gets our attention every time it does.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is closed due to adverse weather conditions.



Picture: Facebook/Snow Report SA

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