For most people, the solution to their boredom is social media. With the nation on lockdown, social media is abuzz with various viral challenges that are keeping people busy across the globe. From the toilet paper challenge, to the mysterious “Until tomorrow” movement – people are inventing many new ways to keep themselves sane while at home. Here are some of the best lockdown challenges yet.

Until Tomorrow

People are posting silly photos of themselves with the caption “Until Tomorrow”. The photos are hilarious and are posted for a laugh. The photo has to stay up on their feed for the whole day before it can be deleted, hence the caption.

Babyface Challenge

The #BabyfaceChallenge is seeing social media users post photos of themselves as children, for no apparent reason, and then tagging their friends to continue to trend. The challenge is just for a bit of fun and the formative year photos are very sweet.


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#babyfacechallenge 🤪 Je nomine @corinnefroment68 @rose_ravel @moutardev @lum_anski

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The toilet roll challenge

For the sports lovers that are bordering on madness, the #ToiletRollChallenge is for you. Essentially you have to film yourself keeping a toilet roll in the air like a soccer ball, then nominate your friends to do the same. It seems the trend was started by Brazilian footballer Felipe Melo.

The see 10 do 10 challenge 

Doing the rounds in the fitness world is the #See10Do10 challenge and the #PushupChallenge. It essentially encourages people to keep fit and active during lockdown by doing 10 pushups, sit ups or whatever exercise they want.


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# SEE1 0 DO 1 0 . Love, love, loving these virtual movement challenges. Inspiring us to keep moving and stay connected! 😍 . Keep them coming! Feel free to tag me in your challenges! 😜 . Cheers to powerhouse @adrianamyrteza for nominating me! . Stay safe! 🌎 ✌🏽♡ @coachlea_ . . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #physicalhealth #movementpractice #focusonthegood #leadbyexample #covid19 #personalisedcoaching #personaltraining #onlinetraining #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #movementculture #strengthandmovement #strengthandmobility #coach #bodyweightstrength #calisthenics #bodyweighttraining #gymnasticsstrengthtraining #weightlifting #adultgymnastics #strongissexy #calisthenicsgirls #fitspo #10for10challenge #sydneypersonaltrainer #see10do10challenge #strengthandmovementcoach

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The Something New Challenge

Big on TikTok is the Something New Challenge. Set to Wiz Khalifa’s hit song of the same name, users will get into groups of three or more, usually comprising of family members, to perform a dance routine. It’s a fun and lighthearted way to get off the couch and do something as a family. Those that have to go to work, however, are getting their colleagues in on the fun.

While some challenges require you to nominate someone else to continue the trend, one challenge is including charitable donations into the mix. It doesn’t have a formal name but has gone viral. South Africans are nominating one another to share moments from their life that they are grateful for. The campaign was started by Robbie Ball, who is trying to spread some light in a dark situation. At the end of each post, the person nominated must select an organisation that they will donate to. The value of the donation is dependent on the number of likes the post gets. The nominee can attach a monetary value to each like (R1, R2, R3) and then this person must nominate others to continue the trend.


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After 6 months of no activity, my second Instagram post in 2 days might be a bit ballsy but what the heck, so was drop kicking for goal in extra time of a RWC final, and look how that turned out… 21 days (at least…) of being locked down at home is pretty average. I’ll miss socialising with friends and other family, I’ll miss going on runs or taking my dogs for a walk, but what I’ll miss most is driving in the Sabi Sands training to be a game ranger (what I was doing 6 days ago). The fact is that my lockdown situation is a lot more comfortable than most people’s in our country. This post is to raise awareness for those who don’t have the luxury of internet to keep themselves entertained, or a fridge full of food to feed their families. SA’s sovereign credit rating got downgraded to junk status by Moody’s on Friday, a major L for the economy, and and the reality is that the country’s wounds are going to take longer than 3 weeks to heal. I’d like to take a page out of @mikeyiswright book and use social media to raise funds and awareness. For every like that this post gets, I will donate R1 towards the Solidarity fund. This fund was set up to help prevent and detect the virus, care for those in hospital/medical care, and support those whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic. For more info on the fund visit . If, somehow, this post gets more likes than my student achiever’s account allows, I will fundraise and find a way to meet my obligation. So please feel free to share and be generous with the ❤️ button. After listening to our president address the nation on Monday night and subsequently replaying the 2019 RWC final twice a day since, I’m feeling incredibly patriotic and believe that we can beat this thing, but only if we come to the party together (not literally), in some way or another. I’d therefore like to pass the baton onto @ashdonaldson02 and the influencer himself @jamie_battersby . Post a photo of what you are most grateful for during the lockdown, add your 2 cents and help build some momentum towards fighting this thing together by raising funds for a cause of your choice 🇿🇦💰

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It is a moment to reflect on the people and experiences that a person is most grateful for, while simultaneously contributing to an amazing cause. If you want to join in on the fun, set up a post on Instagram, tag some friends and choose an organisation you wish to contribute to.


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Thank you @madscarter99 and @kathryn_wahl for the nomination. I have been reflecting a lot during this lockdown. As much as I miss the movie nights, runs around CT with my @kathryn_wahl and I’m worried about Uni, these problems are small in comparison to people whose livelihood is at stake. It’s easy to chat to our friends on FaceTime about how lucky we are to feel so safe and secure during a time like this but the solidarity fund gives us a chance to give and aid people who aren’t as privileged. So for every like this post gets I will donate R1 to the solidarity fund @solidarityfundrsa . I urge everyone to donate and specifically nominate @conno_tations @edward.baleni @jessedge1 and @keane_dooley 🙏🏽 #thatssolidarity

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In light of all the social media challenges, South African comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout had some thoughts to impart:


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Enough with the challenges . . . . . . @gautengsacr #GautengCovid19 #GautengCares #BeProActive

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