Killer whales were sighted just off the coast of Simonstown on Wednesday by the Simon’s Town Boat Company.

As the group passed by Boulder’s Beach, one of the passengers spotted a Bryde’s Whale in an area that was reportedly near the rocks.

“As I scanned the area that she [the passenger] was pointing towards, all I could see was a commotion on the surface which looked like small waves breaking over a rock,” a spokesperson from the boat company said.

They began to manoeuvre the kayaks toward the shore, and immediately spotted the very distinctive dorsal fins of two killer whales. “For the next hour-and-a-half, we followed them as they swam in and out of the kelp beds that line the western shores of False Bay,” the spokesperson added. “They were swimming at a leisurely pace but did disappear deep into the kelp from time to time to look for something edible.”

The whales were also seen toying with a sunfish, colloquially referred to as a “mola mola”, before they swam off.

Pictures: Seafari APP

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Lucinda Dordley

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