Over 100 eager doughnut-lovers camped out a day ahead of Cape Town’s Krispy Kreme opening to be first to taste the internationally-loved sweet treats.

Armed with blankets and snacks, some Capetonians staked out their spot in line from as early as 7am.

All smiles in line at the Krispy Kreme launch.

The wait was far from boring, however. The lively queue was entertained by singing, dancing and freestyle football while being treated to free doughnuts to snack on throughout the evening.

The crowd was entertained by singing and dancing.
Eager doughnut lovers plays some freestyle soccer.

Those standing in line also stood the chance of winning exciting prizes. First in line won a dozen original glazed doughnuts every week for a year, second in line a dozen a week for six months and third in line a dozen a week for three months. Those fourth -100 in line receive a dozen a month for a year.

The store launched in the Mother City’s V&A Waterfront on September 10, opening its doors at 7am.

“Krispy Kreme’s unique hot doughnut experience has certainly created memories in South Africa since our iconic sweet treat brand launched in 2015. It’s been a long time coming but the establishment of the Cape Town market is hugely significant and extremely exciting”, says Gerry Thomas, managing director of Krispy Kreme South Africa.

“Everybody deserves a happy place and Krispy Kreme South Africa’s valuable team works hard at creating the most awesome doughnut experience imaginable. Product innovation, premium coffee and frozen beverages set our brand apart. We can’t wait to touch and enhance lives in Cape Town through the joy of Krispy Kreme,” he continues.

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