As the country prepares to head into a 21-day-long lockdown amid rising cases of the coronavirus, we as a nation need all the encouragement we can get. The Lady of Black River has answered this call by taking up the South African flag as a sign of unity and perseverance.

The guardian of Black River was seen in her usual spot among the river shrubs this week but a new feature of the South African flag had been added by her creator as a message to all locals out there that we can make it through these trying times together.

“Riverman”, the rumoured artist behind the Lady of Black River shared images of her with the national flag to his Facebook page this week saying, “Hope, afloat, we will overcome”.

This unique installation that floats on one of Cape Town’s most polluted rivers was originally created as somewhat of a guardian to watch over the waters and make people aware of her presence.

Over the years she has transformed in a number of ways to reflect the challenges the Mother City has faced. This week and until the lockdown or the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, she will serve as a reminder that we can rise above all challenges just as our flag has risen over Black River.

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Pictures: Riverman


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