Considering what an easy day trip Elgin is from Cape Town, it would be silly not to make the most of it – often.
1 Cape Canopy Tour 
If your outdoor-adventure tastes seem to require a fat dose of adrenaline to get off the ground, then why not get, well, pretty high off the ground? Cape Canopy Tour offers you the chance to glide among the valleys and peaks of the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. The longest of the 11 slides is 320m long; hold tight!

2 Peregrine Farm Stall
The farm-stall industry has really grown in the past decade or so, and we happen to think the N2 probably has the best to offer. Stop at Peregrine for some delicious juice or fruit, a loaf of wholesome farm-style bread and a few of their famous pies as you’re heading back towards the City after a long day’s relaxing. Perfect fuel for a lazy Sunday night in front of the TV.

3 Trail’s End Bike Hotel
Like planning around things that aren’t just eating and drinking? Consider Trail’s End. Designed to look like a ski lodge, but for cycling, it very much gives off that vibe, whether by the log-cabin feel, or the comfy lounge where guests lie and read – and rest. It’s a popular training facility for local and international riders of, for example, the Cape Epic, as you can ride 100 km without hitting tar roads. But there are also shorter routes, and the various different room options, from family rooms to dorm-style options, make it a versatile base. There’s also a gym, Pilates, a pool, and a conference hall, and a brewery coming soon.
4 Brandy tasting 
at Oude Molen If you’re usually accustomed to serving your brandy with 12 ice cubes and a 200 ml tin of Coke, it may be necessary to make time to include an educational component on your trip to the Elgin Valley. Just inside Grabouw itself, you’ll find the Oude Molen distillery, where some of the country’s best brandies are made.  Take a guided tour in distilling season – and don’t you dare ask for a mixer.

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