The most adorable little lamb was found abandoned in a ditch in Villiersdorp and brought to the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA by a compassionate animal lover.
“It was love at first sight for our groom Hamilton Kapanda who immediately named the fragile 2 day old orphan Kim and took him into his care,” says the SPCA. “Kim and Hamilton have been inseparable for the last month, with Hamilton even sleeping on site so that he could ensure that his charge was warm and receiving his 3 hourly feeds right through the night.”
Little lamb and SPCA worker form loving bond
Little Kim and Hamilton have been nearly inseparable since the lamb came into the CoGH SPCA’s care in August.
Kim is thriving and growing so quickly, and the bond between he and Hamilton is described as ‘touching to experience’.
Little lamb and SPCA worker form loving bond
Kim the lamb is now looking for his forever home (Source: Supplied)
“Little Kim follows Hamilton around wherever he goes and calls for him if he is out of sight,” the SPCA says.
Kim is now ready to find a new home and Hamilton will be on hand to ensure that he gets only the very best.
Little lamb and SPCA worker form loving bond
Hamilton will ensure Kim finds the best possible forever home (Source: Supplied)
If you would like to give Kim his forever home, please email [email protected] or call 021 700 4173.
Picture: Supplied/CoGH SPCA

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