Prepare yourself for load shedding with talented internet sensation Suzelle’s DIY power cut survival kit, as she sheds light on clever tricks and tips on how to handle being left in the dark with her unique brand of humour.

Known for her catchphrase “Because anybody can”, Suzelle proves to us that anything is possible, even in the dark. And this particular instructional video could not possibly have been more needed by locals than now.

With thousands of followers and YouTube subscribers, her creative and quirky DIY videos, which go from “How to fold a fitted sheet” to “How to make a Braai pie” keep viewers entertained and informed.

Her brightly-coloured clothing options, up-do hairstyle and local accent are signature trademarks to Suzelle, making her a truly South African character.

Titled ‘How to Make a Load Shedding Survival Kit’, Suzelle DIY released the clip on Youtube in 2015 and although it may be three years old, it is still relevant in light of the current load shedding crisis.

From using empty milk cartons to create lamps to building her own phone charger from scratch – we could all use these clever tips during the power cuts. The overall kit is as organized as Suzelle and offers just the right amount of flair. Another take away from the clip is that candles and more candles are necessary.

“Don’t you hate it when the power goes out? Here, my creative tips & tricks for making the ultimate load shedding survival kit. There’s it, now anybody can be prepared for load shedding.”

Picture: Youtube, Suzette DIY

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