Animals in Ocean View happily took to the streets this week to be fed by welcoming, friendly faces as non-profit organisation One Kennel at a Time arrived to do their bi-weekly feeding visit.

While lockdown has had dire consequences for all, few are as negatively affected as pets. Many dogs and cats have been abandoned due to lack of funds to feed them and some residents in Ocean View and beyond are unable to carry the costs of feeding their beloved animals.

Dogs from Ocean View enjoying their meals from One Kennel at a Time.

One Kennel at a Time has a longstanding commitment to the animals of Ocean View. They visit them twice a week to check on them and provide them with food. From cats to dogs, the community’s pets know the team and look forward to each visit.

“Twice a week we go out to feed the cats and dogs in Ocean View. We do this so that we can see how the animals are doing and also to show our faces. People know who we are, which has allowed us to build a trustful relationship with the community,” says Ingrid from One Kennel at a Time.

Ingrid serving up meals for the animals in any available bowls.

“We look after cats and dogs of people who are struggling and help them until they are back on their feet. Now with lockdown, there are a lot more people who have nothing to spare and their animals need our help. In some areas we hand out wet food to make sure the animals get food. Ingrid will mix the pellets and rice to make it soft and easier to swallow for the hungry dogs. The dogs know the bakkie and run towards us when they see us coming,” says Trijntje from the One Kennel at a Time team.

While the lockdown still has a way to go, the animals in Ocean View are always in need of support and the One Kennel team is dedicated to being there for them.

A cat happily accepting a snack while food is handed out to hungry pets.

One Kennel at a Time is always in need to funds to feed animals, provide first aid or kennels for those without shelter.

Those looking to support can donate using the details below:

(use the abbreviation SOUL and REFERENCE 1kennel)
First National Bank
Account No: 62434821311
Branch code: 250655
Swift code: FIRNZAJJ
Proof of payment can be sent to SA number 084 4888 335.


Pictures: Facebook/ One Kennel at a Time

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