Capetonian Nicole Dawson was overcome with joy when she was reunited with her lost 8-month-old pup Kelly, who went missing after chasing a mountain biker who sped past them on their morning walk in the Glen area.

Dawson ran after Kelly but was unable to find her. Filled with panic, she shared a social media post hoping that someone would spot her furry friend and help her to return home. “Just lost my dog Kelly in the Glen area near the Roundhouse… she bolted after a mountain biker drove past … she is chipped and has a name tag ..only 8 months old but is tall for her age,” Dawson’s post read.

Nicole Dawson with her 8-month-old dog, Kelly.

After only a day, Dawson received the news that her beloved four-legged friend had been spotted on a hike trail by Wood Head Close in Camps Bay. Dawson tirelessly searched for Kelly, walking through the area from the early hours of the morning, desperate to find her best friend.

With the help of SANParks rangers, Dawson was able to find Kelly, who was more than happy to see her mom. Dawson and a team organised by Hilton from SANParks managed to locate the puppy on April 30, a mere two days after she went missing.

“Today we found Kelly at 1pm in Wood Head Close up the mountain trail, since our search began when she bolted from The Glen Park on Chillworth Ave, Camps Bay this past Sunday 28 April 2019,” said Dawson.

Kelly being held by one of the SANPark rangers.

Dawson shared her heartfelt thanks to all involved in helping her find her precious pup. “Thanks to everyone who has shown their support on social media and in searching on foot for Kelly. It has paid off! A BIG shout to Hilton at SAN Park for organising the relentless search for Kelly in the mountains and for the guys at tactical response who trekked up the mountainside in search of Kelly.The support has been amazing!”

Kelly looks just as elated as Dawson as the two are photographed standing with the rangers who helped to reunite them.

Dawson and the SANParks rangers after they had found Kelly.

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