The tale of Lulu, a frightened little dog found bundled in with the trash and dumped on an abandoned veld earlier this year, broke the hearts of animal lovers across the city. Luckily, her story has a happy ending.

Lulu is an adult small breed mutt who was discovered wrapped up in a rubbish bag with trash still in it at an abandoned veld in Imperial Road in Mitchell’s Plain in February. A passerby, Ricardo Daniel, heard her cries for help, saved her and brought her to the SPCA.

Lulu was in desperate need of veterinary treatment, rehabilitation, shelter and care, all of which was estimated to cost R20 000. The SPCA raised the money and was able to nurse Lulu back to health.

Lulu’s life got even better when she was adopted by Andreas Hauke, who has given her a loving home in Sea Point.

According to the SPCA, Hauke was contacted by a friend named Yanic, owner of the AtFrits Pet Hotel & Daycare Centre, who sent an article detailing Lulu’s story.

“Long story short, I made an appointment with Belinda from the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and went to visit Lulu. Infested with ticks and fleas, this little crossbreed also had a skin infection. In addition to her hospitalisation, medicines and treatment, she also needed rehabilitation. The SPCA took such great care of her and now I could finally take her home!”

Lulu now shares a home with Hauke, and fellow rescue Marvin.

“Marvin, which was also a rescue, took a bit of time to adjust to this new friend, or in his eyes ‘Intruder’ but now they are besties and they play all day! Lulu is now officially a Sea Point Resident!” said Hauke.

Lulu’s new dad shared this sweet video of her coming home and finding happiness again:

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Source: CoGH SPCA / Andreas Hauke for the images.

Picture: screenshot from video

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