A number of whales have been spotted in the idyllic seaside town of Hermanus in recent days.

Southern Right Charters (SRC), a Hermanus-based whale watching and chartering company, spotted Mira, after three years, over the weekend. The whale was last spotted in 2017, and made a very welcome return to the seaside town on Saturday, August 1.

“Mira is an adult female southern right whale with a large distinctive white marking on her dorsal. She was last spotted by the Southern Right Charters crew in September 2017 with a calf,” the chartering company said via its Facebook page. “Since starting our SRC whale re-sighting program, this is our first official re-sighting.”

Mira was spotted with a new calf, which indicates a healthy birthing and calving period of three years.

“She has a  white ‘blaze’ stretch from behind the blowholes with a large white patch moving into a narrow white patch near her tail and white blaze on her underside,” the company said.

Mira the whale spotted after three years
Mira the whale was spotted off the shores of Hermanus over the weekend. (Source: SRC/Facebook)

Five whales were also spotted at The Marine Pool in Hermanus in recent days, by SRC. Take a look below:

Mira the whale spotted after three years

Mira the whale spotted after three years

Picture: SRC/Facebook

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