The team at Two Oceans Aquarium was faced with a challenging task when a small seal became tangled in plastic. They took it upon themselves to help the pup and sent their resident ninja to handle the task.

The small seal was seen sun bathing on the wooden deck at Two Oceans Aquarium, where the seals usually do. A plastic bag had become stuck around his neck but he was not particularly keen for someone to remove it.

It was then that the team devised an ingenious plan to remove the bag before the seal could even realise it was gone.

A diver suited up and headed into the water below the deck where the seal was resting, where he then slowly approached from the water below and went in like a ninja to remove the bag in a flash.

Watch the full video here, wait till the end to see the ninja moves courtesy of the Two Oceans team:

Picture: Twitter/Two Oceans Aquarium

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