The new menu at Nuovo Restaurant in Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport, Africa’s greenest hotel, showcases the culinary excellence of Chef Adrian Schreuder and his team, with sustainability present in every aspect of the cooking process.

On April 3 2019, Nuovo Restaurant hosted a spectacular evening showcasing its tasting menu, which exceeded all expectations. With its cosy, modern setting, this restaurant upholds and incorporates its sustainability ethos into every mouthful.

Ingredients for each dish are sourced from within a 160-km radius of the hotel and from small local businesses. Only the finest and freshest ingredients are used, all while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

The dinner consisted of a seven-course tasting menu and took place during the restaurant’s weekly earth-hour.

The first dish off the menu comprised of a white bean and truffle velouté followed by a gin and tonic cured trout. Only fish from the SASSI green-list are found on this menu.

Gin and trout

Next was a fresh, colourful vegan Superfood salad packed with anti-oxidant-rich ingredients.

Succulent lamb with aubergine was served next and tantalized our tastebuds.

The Superfood salad

Following this was a beetroot and peas tender chicken with samp and sour cream, followed by game meat with a juniper and cacao nib crust.

Dessert consisted of a delicious pear and ginger creation as well as a delightful milk and cinnamon sago pudding. For the vegetarians, an alternative mouthwatering menu is also available.

Game with juniper and cacao nib crust

The restaurant prides itself on its use of sustainable resources and amenities. There are low-flow fittings on the taps, drastically reducing water consumption. Blast chillers are also used to keep food cool rather than ice baths. Use of extraction fans are kept to a minimum and gas burners are only on when in use. Non-toxic, eco-friendly products are used to sanitise and keep the kitchen clean.

Another commendable factor of this restaurant is the fact that almost everything is recycled. The hotel achieved 97.06% of its waste-to-landfill target for 2018. Waste management is meticulously thought out, with an aim to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as possible. Everything else is treated and carefully disposed of.

Nuovo is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast                  :  4.30am – 10am

Lunch                        :  12pm – 3pm

Dinner                       :  6.30pm – 10.30pm

For bookings           :  021 380 5500

Address                    : 15 Michigan St, Airport Industria, Cape Town


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