A pair of quick-thinking Cape Town law enforcement officers helped a woman deliver her baby at a train station on Wednesday [September 9].

The woman was on her way to Somerset Hospital from Dunoon as it was her birth date. She had arrived at the Cape Town CBD train station when she went into labour on the station deck at about 9am.

Luckily, the officers stationed inside the CBD were on patrol and worked quickly to assist her. The baby was delivered at 9.15am.

According to IOL, one of the officers explained that they wear many hats while on the job, from psychologist to mechanic. On this day, they became doctors.

The City’s spokesperson Wayne Dyason confirmed the incident, adding that the new mother and baby were transported to Somerset Hospital by ambulance after the birth, and they are both doing well. He praised the law enforcement officers for their speedy assistance.

Picture: Pexels

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