One Bag Full is the brainchild of four Capetonian friends who wanted to improve the lives of those hard hit by lockdown. Each week, Kelly-Anne Hodge, Jessica Kempen, Gina Kempen and Kaylin Simmons work selflessly to feed children in Langa with help from food donations made by the public.


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Sunday 23rd August: Another special day out in the Langa community yesterday. We distributed sarmies, fruit and rice packs to 1500 people within 3 different areas of Langa. ⠀ What we are seeing is that contributions may be decreasing but the needs within this community are definitely not – so please continue sharing and supporting in any way you can. ⠀ And don’t worry if you missed out on making your sarmies this week, you can do your bit this coming SATURDAY so set your reminders and the add your bread, peanut butter & fruit to your shopping list! ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #covidsa #onebagfull #giveback #capetown #langa #sacharities #salockdown #strongertogether #sarmiedrive #onebagfull

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The organisation has three streams of activism in which they appeal to the public for help: Bags of Love, feeding the Langa community and a weekly sandwich and fruit challenge.

Bags of Love essentially looks to fill a black bag with 14 items. These include pre-loved clothing, shoes, linen, old books or board games, Tupperware, warm beverage sachets (tea, coffee, hot chocolate), work clothing, toiletry and sanitary items, perishable food and stationery.

If you have any of these items lying around at home, consider donating them by dropping them off at one of the two Stor-age points in Cape Town.

When you arrive at Stor-Age there will be a box labelled One Bag Full, place your bag into this box for Stor-Age to look after. The Bag of Love will then be given to someone in need on your behalf.

Feeding the Langa Community aims to get nutritious food packs into the hands of those who need it most. Many have been left without a source of income due to lockdown and unemployment is rampant. One Bag Full is working with Rise Against Hunger (RAH) to help restore dignity and to alleviate hunger in the community. If this sounds like something you want to get involved in, for R60.90 you can feed a child for an entire week.

RAH provides food packs for R2.90, and these contain a myriad of vitamins and minerals as well as rice, soya and dehydrated vegetables.

To donate, click here. 

The weekly sandwich and fruit challenge calls on Capetonians to spend a small portion of their day making sandwiches. This doesn’t have to be an annual exercise reserved exclusively for Mandela Day. Rather, introduce it to your weekly schedule of things to do.

When you go out to eat, skip that one drink and rather put that cash toward purchasing a loaf of bread, some peanut butter and a bag of apples. That’s all it really takes.


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Today exceeded all our expectations, we experienced the true spirit of Mandela Day! ⠀ The aim was to supplement our weekly meal, sarmie and fruit drop in the 4 areas we serve every Sunday with colourful cupcakes to celebrate Mandela Day. ⠀ We were hoping to provide 2000 cupcakes…not only did we surpass this number; but we received over 4000 cupcakes from all of you – allowing us to feed not four but SEVEN AREAS this week! ⠀ We are feeling extremely grateful, inspired and excited about what is to come. ⠀ Nothing would be possible without the @langahockeyclub coaches and players who make sure everything runs smoothly week after week! ⠀ Lastly, thank you to each and everyone of you for allowing us to do what we do each week! We are merely the bridge – without your support we are nothing! Look at what we can achieve TOGETHER! ⠀ We’ll be posting more pictures and videos from today this week but for now the One Bag Full team are hitting their beds for some much needed rest! ⠀ #covidsa #onebagfull #strongertogether #giveback #riseagainsthunger #cupcakechallenge #sacharities #salockdown #mandeladay

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There are multiple points around Cape Town for you to drop your sandwiches and fruit off. On Sundays, One Bag Full collects the food and takes it into the community so that the children have something to eat immediately, while receiving their RAH nutritional food pack.

Drop-off points around Cape Town. Image: One Bag Full

You can find out more information on when and where to drop off your sandwiches & fruit on One Bag Full’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Image: Instagram/ One Bag Full

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