In the most bizarre video shared on a few Facebook Cape Town groups and Twitter on Friday, December 18 – a driver is videoed trying to get a Zippy Smart Car up a flight of stairs. The incident allegedly unfolded in Melkbos, but there are few details to find out more about what exactly transpired, and why the driver was so persistent in the quest to get the car up the stairs.

A woman holds on to the gate, casually talking on her cellphone, with no regard to what is happening right next to her. In a picture also shared on the comments section in one of the posts, you can see a man posing with what looks like the very same car in the video. This time he is smiling about his accomplishment.

Mission accomplished.

While some social media users were left totally perplexed about the incident, others didn’t find it funny at all. Some speculate it was a hired vehicle and a rental home. No doubt there was plenty of damage caused.

The most common comment was: Only in ‘Melkbos’. We’d also like to know!

Watch both videos in this link.

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