Dishes on the five-course Wild Food from Land and Sea menu offered at Myoga Restaurant will be paired with a natural, unfined, unfiltered wine: Op Sy Moer by Neil Ellis. The name refers to the extra time this sulphur-free wine spends on the lees.

Op Sy Moer being poured.

The first course is crafted around Abalobi fish. Abalobi is an NPO that promotes ‘traceable, storied seafood provided by empowered small-scale fishers, in a manner that is not only ecologically responsible, but also socially fair. Because who fishes matters.’

An attentive chef preparing carefully preparing one of the menu dishes.

Discussions on implementation of the Small-Scale Fisheries Policy and United Nations FAO guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries resulted in a suite of free apps aimed at social justice and poverty alleviation in the small-scale fisheries chain, transformation in the way we produce knowledge, stewardship of our marine resources, and building resilience in the face of climate change.

A delightful dish guests can look forward to.

Myoga orders fish via Abalobi’s Marketplace app, which allows chefs to buy fresh fish directly from the fisherman who caught them. Myoga also supports the families of fishers by purchasing coastal produce sold by them.

The delicious starter on offer.

The starter therefore is Abalobi fish tartare and kombu with lemon and sweet tahini dressing. Cauliflower with brie, caper and pine-nut mostarda, and nasturtium follows, while the third course is crispy market fish with peas, broad beans, truffle, house ricotta, sourdough lace and lemon puree.

Crispy fish.

This is followed by charred chicken, sushi rice, miso, gyoza, Myoga xo sauce and vegetable pickles.

Next up is a delectable lamb and cabbage “stew” with crispy kale and hay-smoked potato in a roasted onion lamb broth.

Finish off with saffron polenta cake, fig-leaf ice cream, roasted almonds and citrus marmalade.

This amazing offer costs R550pp, including wine.

To see the menus and to book, please visit or call 021 657 4500.


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