Bree Street in the CBD will be closed off on January 27 2019 for the “Join the movement for better movement” event by Open Streets.

The non-profit organisation Open Streets Cape Town (OSCT), Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI) and the City of Cape Town are collaborating to host the event that closes off the demarcated roads to motorised vehicles and brings local communities together in a public space where they can enjoy and play in the car-free streets.

Bree Street will be closed from 9am-2pm to make way for Open Streets.

More than 20 activities will be in place on the day, hosted by local voluntary groups and organisations such as the Community Chest, College of Magic, Maria Jam, Cape Town Aikido, Balisa Nathi Storytelling Collective, and Twenty Skeight. Bring the whole family along for a fun-filled day in the city.

Programmes Director Rebecca Campbell is encouraging everyone to come along.

“This is an opportunity to connect with others who dream of a more sustainable and cohesive Cape Town. We invite everyone to join in with a game, something to teach, showcase or share. This is our chance to bring out the best in all of us in Cape Town,” she says. 

Bike buses, a group of cyclists that ride together along a set timetable and route (called a “bus” because cyclists can join the group along the route, so it collects more “passengers” along the way), will be available for those who wish to cycle to Open Streets. There are three bike buses scheduled to leave from the Southern Suburbs, Gugulethu and Sea Point. Locals and residents are encouraged to organise their own group rides with family or friends.

Pedal Power Association CEO Robert Vogel speaks about the increasing trend in commuters cycling to work in Cape Town.

“There is untapped potential in fostering commuter cycling in our city, he says. “In 2018 we saw increased interest among our members to cycle to work. This year, we are working with our partners – including OSCT – to find ways of encouraging individuals and also private companies in encouraging their employees to adopt cycling as a mode of transport by making it convenient and attractive through incentives.”

The manager of Guga S’thebe Cultural Centre in Langa, Marco Morgan, says the event brings together different communities in the city.

“The Open Streets “movement” is about moving out of our comfort zones. In a segregated city like Cape Town it is crucial that we find ways to experience public space together. In a way, that helps us imagine a different future.”

Picture: Open Streets Cape Town

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