In recognition of its outstanding architectural qualities, Louwville Highschool has received an award from the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA).

The award was given to the architect group, 2-AD Space Architects, for their ability to provide an architectural solution specific to the school’s needs, while creating a high standard structure.

CIfA is the largest regional architectural body in South Africa and recognizes exceptional architecture throughout the country.

The Louisville Highschool project began in 2015 and was completed in 2016, costing a total of R50-million. Thirty eight new classrooms were built to accommodate 1380 learners.

Recreational facilities and sports fields have been integrated into the property.

The construction included building multi-purpose classrooms, science labs, a multi-media centre, a school hall and administration block.

Picture/ 2-AD Space Architects

The design of the structure and the interaction of space in the courtyard acts as a barrier against the windy and sandy conditions of Vredenburg.

Picture/2-AS Spaces Architects
Picture/2-AD Space Architects

The design includes a series of colorful mosaic to add to the otherwise plain concrete structures of the educational environment.

Picture/2 AD-Space Architects

CIfA said, “The apex roof form with a gentle arc at the peak, repetitively references the roof pitches of local rural farmhouse vernacular, with a user-friendly series of thresholds between entry and exit that over time will enhance the memory of going to school for a learner.”


Picture/ 2-AD Space Architects 

What is particularly noteworthy is the sound judgment and restraint of the architecture that optimizes the spatial character of the school through a considered economy of means – never at any point does it assume an engineered and utilitarian ethos, or collapse into the other extreme of callous willful self-expression.” said the CIfA

The school structure provides a space for equality and has set the bar for future educational developments in the country.

Picture: 2-AD Space Architects





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