The Western Cape’s favourite porcine painter recently made strides as watch brand Swatch’s first ever animal designer. She now has another another notch to add to her  belt – she has her own wine, with a label she designed.

The wine, simply called PIGCASSO Black, is a flavourful robust red. “Crafted to arouse the most decreeing taste, naturally inspired by the creative genius that resides among the luscious vineyards of the magnificent Franschhoek Valley,” her site reads.

The grapes, grown at the pig’s home, were discovered to be ripe for picking one morning when she ran into the vineyard and destroyed two rows of grapes.


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SPRING IS IN THE AIR. If I could just eat it, I’d be a cherry blossom! Oink on, Oh Pigcasso!

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According to, the porker lives in the beautiful Franschhoek winelands area. She was rescued from a slaughterhouse in 2016, and spends her days eating, sleeping and painting beautiful landscapes on canvas. It is reported that Pigcasso is particularly inspired once she’s had a picnic basket filled with her favourite goodies, including syrup peaches and caramel popcorn.

Pigcasso is three years old, and has earned more than R1-million from her art.


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CIAO BELLA! Another artwork off to Italy? Indeed, popular pig! Less Parma. More Art. Oink on, Pigcasso!

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PIGCASSO Black and PIGACSSO GOLD will be available in April 2020. To pre-order of for additional information email [email protected]


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