Monday blues came a bit earlier with a gloomy day on the cards this Sunday. According to AccuWeather, Capetonians should brace themselves for more rain, cold, clouds, and wind gusts.

Sunday, March 14, is predicted to be mostly cloudy and windy, with showers later in the day. It will still be a relatively warm day at 20-degrees, however wind speeds ranging between 22 and 46km/hour call for precaution.

The sun might bring the heat but cloud coverage ranging between 78 and 91% is sure to keep things miserable. This week, Wednesday, March 10, saw huge damage and devastation caused by what was described as “biblical rain”. Capetonians are urged to keep safe and warm today.


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The weather might be grey but that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the day. Nothing keeps the Mother City down. Whether you brave the storm and head out, set up a self-care Sunday, or tune into your mental health, we’ve got you covered:

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