Earlier this year, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA rescued a malnourished and neglected pony affectionately named Prince Charming. He was found starving and searching for food, and had wandered into a neighbour’s yard on the lookout for something to eat before collapsing from hunger and weakness.

“Thankfully, Prince Charming was discovered by a kind samaritan who contacted our Horsecare Unit to come and help him. Chief Inspector Jaco Pieterse and Senior Inspector Emma Linsell responded to the call for help and found Prince Charming collapsed on the ground; he was too weak to even stand up by himself,” the SPCA said via it’s Facebook page.

“It has been a long journey to health for Prince Charming, but with lots of love and care from our hospital, vets and Horsecare Unit, this special chap has made an incredible recovery. Prince Charming is now happy, healthy and looking forward to his second chance and finding his forever home.”

Prince Charming was found neglected and hungry earlier this year (Source: Cape of Good Hope SPCA)

“Thanks to the kindness and continued support from the public, Prince Charming’s life is wholly transformed. To everyone who cared about this life and donated to his treatment and care, thank you for making his transformation possible,” the SPCA said. 

Prince Charming is now happy and healthy (Source: Cape of Good Hope SPCA)

Everyone who has met Prince Charming over the past few months says he certainly lives up to his name – he is a charmer of note.

“This special boy has a jaunt in his step and loves to call to the girls!!! He is full of beans and has a big personality – Prince Charming just loves to canter around his paddock in the early mornings showing off his healthy form whilst neighing for carrots,” the SPCA continued.

“Behind his outward confidence, Prince Charming is a gentle and soft-hearted chap, who had a bad turn and is very grateful to be on his way up again. He is assessed to be about 12 years old, 11.1 h and a gelding. Prince Charming is very sweet and he loves a carrot and a cuddle, or ten. He will be a wonderful and very entertaining companion for a special and understanding person, as he has so much love to share.”

To arrange an appointment to visit the SPCA’s Horsecare Unit and meet Prince Charming, please fill in this online adoption enquiry form: https://form.jotform.com/…/application-to-adopt-an-animal and/or contact Senior Inspector Emma Linsell on [email protected]

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Picture: Supplied/Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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