Eleven weeks ago, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) took in 500 young hatchlings that were rescued from Kimberley’s Kamfer Dam, and now they are almost ready to be released.

At the time when the hatchlings were rescued, the dam they were at was found nearly completely dry due to failing infrastructure that resulted in water not being properly pumped into it by Sol Palltije Municipality, along with the severe weather conditions already affecting the dam. This left hundreds of hatchlings dehydrated and starving.

Recently SANCCOB shared an exciting video update about the rescued flamingo chicks, and those who have been following the story will be elated.

After all of SANCCOB’s hard work, the chicks have grown strong and healthy and 42 of the older ones will soon be returned to Kamfer Dam to be released.

Forty-nine of the mature chicks will remain in SANCCOB’s care.

A healthy and heavy flamingo almost ready to take flight.

These almost-adult birds are completely different to the once-tiny hatchlings that cuddled up together when they were first rescued .

The birds have reached a healthy weight, with some weighing in at a hefty 1.7kg, and the organisation is excited to see them return to their true habitat and thrive.

What the hatchlings looked like when they were first rescued.

Pictures: Facebook/SANCCOB

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