Robben Island Museum will be introducing a two-tier pricing system, providing locals with a separate rate from international visitors, that will come into effective from June 2019.

Chief Financial Officer at Robben Island Museum (RIM), Blayne Crocker, explained that based on an annual financial analysis and consultation with various stakeholders, RIM management has decided to introduce separate pricing for local and international visitors.”We believe that this decision will have a positive turnaround on our long term financial sustainability as an organisation whilst also contributing to an increase in domestic visitors,” he said.

The Robben Island tour includes a ferry return trip from Cape Town, transport on the island, a guided island tour and a guided prison tour by an ex-political prisoner.

Crocker adds that the new pricing will help to fund various sectors of the island.

“With such factors in mind, a different pricing structure that can provide for additional revenue that will meet our rising conservation needs, needed to be investigated. It is important that RIM has the financial backing to maintain a high standard of excellence with our tour experience.”

The island is home to various indigenous birds, reptiles and mammal species – funding from the tours helps to maintain conservation efforts of the ecosystem.

General tour prices currently cost R360 per adult and R200 per child under the age of 18 for both locals and internationals.

New prices: 

Visitors Pricing
Locals R380 per adult R200 (children age 2-18)
International R550 per adult R300 (children age 2 -18)


RIM spokesperson, Morongoa Ramaboa says the funds generated from the tour fees allows the Robben Island Museum to protect and persevere the Island’s rich history as a World Heritage Site.

“Preserving Robben Island as a world-class heritage site requires a lot of efforts to balance the conservation of the tangible heritage elements with the mission of increasing local access to the Island,” she said.

Picture: Robben Island Museum, Facebook

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