The Roxy Davis Foundation is making a difference in the lives of mentally and physically handicapped South Africans through ocean-based therapy. Founded by nine-time South African champion Roxy Davis, the foundation aims to make the ocean accessible for all.

The foundation works with volunteers to teach able-bodied and physically or mentally handicapped participants, called adaptive surfers how to surf. It also teaches how to use the ocean as a tool for physical and psychological therapy and rehabilitation.

This little girl looks like she’s really enjoying learning how to surf.

Volunteers do not need experience, just a desire to make a change in someones life as a large part of volunteering is engaging with the participants. Volunteers gain valuable experience as they contribute to positive change while also learning leadership skills.

Since the beginning of 2019, the foundation has worked with over 120 adaptive surfers ranging from age four to 77, from all over the Western Cape.

a brave boy stands up on a surfboard.

Adaptive surfing sessions are hosted once a month, although Davis hopes to make them more frequent. Speaking to Cape Talk, Davis said, “we don’t want to offer a life-changing experience once a year, once in your lifetime. We want to be consistent and continuous. We committed to 12 sessions last year with the idea to grow it year on year.”

Surfing is for everyone.

Those who want to get involved can become volunteers, book a team-building session for corporates, or make a financial contribution. Find more information on the Roxy Davis Foundation website.


Picture: Roxy Davis Foundation

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