The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the performing arts sector of South Africa, with many musicians, actors and artists left without work for months on end. To breathe some life into the sector, along with providing vital financial support to performing artists, a private fund, created by a group of vested parties, established the Tribuo Fund.

To raise awareness for the Tribuo Fund, acclaimed flute virtuoso and marathon swimmer, Carina Bruwer, decided to do something no one has ever done before, become the first person to swim across the daunting Walker Bay, just east of Hermanus. Not only did Bruwer managed to complete the marathon swim, but she did so in just 6 hours and 36 minutes.

According to the Good Things Guy, she completed the swim under the ‘English Channel swimming rules’, which means the only swimming aids she was able to use was a costume, cap and of course goggles.

The English Channel swimming rules also state that Bruwer would have to start her swim from dry land instead of a boat positioned in the water, and end on dry land, all whilst not being in contact with the support boat that accompanied her throughout the journey.

The official distance of the record-setting swim was just below 21km, with an average water temperature of between 17.5 and 19 degrees.

“Every swim is special, but I have to say, this is one I will never forget. It is always wonderful to pioneer a new swim, and this one is certainly epic in terms of its geography and the incredible sea life that one encounters!,” Bruwer told Good Things Guy.

“This powerful experience is something that I want to mirror to the artist community, to offer hope and empathy. My wish is that we can raise enough money to make a meaningful difference for as many as possible of the thousands of artists who are truly broken – financially and mentally,” Bruwer added.

Take a look at these clips of Bruwer completing the swim below:

You might have noticed a fellow swimmer accompanying Bruwer in the water. That is Herman de Vries, owner of Walker Bay Adventures, who joined Bruwer for some sections of the swim.

So far, the Tribuo Fund has managed to raise a whopping R92 085, with an end goal of R100,000.

In terms of who is eligible to apply for funding from the Tribuo Fund, any South African citizen or permanent South African resident over the age of 21 who can demonstrate that she/he is a practicing artist or worker in the performing arts sector will be able to apply.

If you would are not a performing artists but would still like to support the sector, you can make your own donation to the Tribuo Fund by CLICKING HERE.

Picture: Instagram/ @CarinaBruwer

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