The Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage (MUCH) Unit of the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) were in Langebaan to investigate a reported wreckage on Friday, October 23.

The “modern-looking nut-and-bolt style fastening” on the timber suggests that the wood belongs to a relatively new wreck, according to a Facebook post by the agency. However, they note that further research is required before solid conclusions can be made. 

The timber was measured and photographed and the unit says that they may have gathered enough data to construct a 3D model of the wreck.

“Please bear in mind that historical shipwrecks are part of the National Estate and must be preserved for the enjoyment of all South Africans,” said the agency.

They added that they ‘rely heavily’ on locals to serve as their eyes and ears.

They thanked a man named Deene Collopy for notifying them about the Langebaan wreck and encourage anyone who comes across something interesting to do the same.

SAHRA’s MUCH team is in charge of the identification, protection and management of South Africa’s rich and diverse underwater cultural heritage resources along the coastline and in its maritime and inland waters. This includes around 2400 shipwrecks.

Pictures: Facebook/SAHRA Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage

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