Clay Pigeon Trading is the speciality coffee, food and retail experience that dreams are made of. What makes a visit to this establishment so worthwhile is the strong focus on ethically sourced, African ingredients. Clay Pigeon Trading is an authentic Western Cape café experience, right in the heart of Cape Town.

The atmosphere of Clay Pigeon Trading is warm, welcoming and laid-back. The interior pays homage to the Karoo landscape, with modern finishes mixed in. The terra cotta-coloured corrugated iron that lines the coffee counter and the small clay vases on each table help to reinforce the idea that you’re op die plaas. This rings true with the stacking cups that the beverages are served in.

Their coffee is rated as speciality by the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA). This means that out of a 100-point system, commercial grade scores 60 points and above whereas speciality scores 80 or above. Not only is it sensational, but is completely traceable to the farmer. There is complete transparency. Order a cortado with buffalo milk; your life will be forever changed.

The food is otherworldly, and each meal is a treat for your tastebuds. I was fortunate enough to sample the hummus and cashew nut toast, Karoo grilled cheese – the best toastie I have ever had – beans on toast (which is not what you think) and the quick sticks. The flavour combinations are perfectly balanced, delicious and ingenious. Each vinaigerette, dressing and preserve is made by co-founder Ernst Andrews.

The Karoo Grilled Cheese: Made with Karoo Swiss and Crumble with a side of deliciousness.  Accompanied by a Swart & Tonic.
The Beans on Toast: buffalo fromage blanc with homemade lemon herb dressing. Hummus and Cashew nut toast with preserved tomato vinaigrette.
Quick Sticks: Espresso butter with Karoo Swiss and fig preserve, alongside Karoo ash cheese, pickled turnips and pear.

Wash your grilled cheese down with a Swart and Tonic, Clay Pigeon Trading’s delectable cold brew. If you’re more of a post-food beverage drinker then order the fermented or unfermented Cape Matcha Rooibos tea. You will not be disappointed with either.

Left: Fermented. Right: Unfermented. Image: Imogen Searra

Clay Pigeon Trading sources its ingredients from small business owners across South Africa, in Rawanda and from local communities, like the Harvest of Hope in Philippi. The menu is seasonal and will change in the coming months, staying true to the focus on delivering premium quality products, that are sustainable, ethically sourced and incredibly delicious.

Visit Clay Pigeon Trading at 117 Strand Street, Cape Town, 8001

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Image: Imogen Searra

Article written by

Imogen Searra