South Africa is cooling down a little more each day, as the month of May approaches. May is typically when flu season begins, and it is ushered in with days spent wrapped up in blankets and a cup of something hot in hand.

Icier days may be making their way to certain parts of the country at the end of the Easter weekend, as Matroosberg is predicted to receive a centimetre of snow on Easter Sunday [April 12].

The snow is predicted to rest at an altitude of 2 032 metres.

According to, the weather in Matroosberg will be ‘mild’ on the afternoon of Thursday, April 9, with a high of 15°C and low of 6°C. Mild winds are also expected in the area. 

Light rain will fall on the morning of Sunday, April 12, which are predict to total 8.0mm. Strong winds are also to be expected, at temperatures ranging between 11°C and 5°C. 

The winds are predicted to calm down by the morning of Monday, April 13.

Picture: Pixabay

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Lucinda Dordley

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