New World Health has published its annual South African Wealth Report for 2018. This includes data on which streets and suburbs are the most expensive in the country. More specifically, it looks at the cost per square metre.

It comes as no surprise that the most expensive streets are concentrated around the Mother City, as property prices in the city have risen sharply over recent months. Clifton and Bantry Bay are not just the most expensive suburbs in the city, but the entire country.

Only one street is not found within those suburbs, which is Dock Road. This road is located on the V&A Marina, and is ranked third in the country.

Other studies, including the Knight Frank Wealth Report, found that Cape Town is one of the 20 most expensive property market in the world, climbing by almost 20% each year.

According to the New World Wealth Report, the most expensive roads outside of Cape Town include Beachyhead Road in Plettenburg Bay, and Lagoon Drive in Umhlanga.

New World Wealth reviews the data on a regular basis, and the latest data shows the cost per square meter on the following streets in South Africa. The prices refer to the average price of a prime 200-400 square metre apartment/villa on a street or suburb.

The most expensive streets in South Africa include: 

  1. The Ridge and Cliff Road in Clifton is valued at R95 000 per square metre.
  2. Victoria Road in Clifton and Bantry Bay is valued at 92 000 per square metre.
  3. V&A Marina’s Dock Road in the City Bowl is valued at R90 000 per square metre.
  4. Nettleton Road in Clifton is valued at R87 000 per square metre.
  5. Clifton Road in Clifton is valued at R85 000 per square metre.
  6. Kloof Road in Clifton and Bantry Bay is valued at R84 000 per square metre.
  7. Ave St Leon in Bantry Bay is valued at R80 000 per square metre.
  8. De Wet Road in Bantry Bay is valued at R78 000 per square metre.
  9. Ave Marina in Bantry Bay is valued at R76 000 per square metre.
  10. Ocean view Drive in Bantry Bay is valued at R75 000 per square metre.
  11. Beachyhead Road in Plettenburg Bay is valued at R43 000 per square metre.
  12. Ocean View Road in Umhlanga is valued at R36 000 per square metre.

The most expensive suburbs in South Africa include:

  1. Clifton at R82 000 per square metre.
  2. Bantry Bay at R76 000 per square metre.
  3. Fresnaye at R61 000 per square metre.
  4. Camps Bay at R56 000 per square metre.
  5. Bakoven at R56 000 per square metre.
  6. Llandudno at R54 000 per square metre.
  7. Granger Bat at R54 000 per square metre.
  8. Mouille Point at R52 000 per square metre.
  9. Green Point at R48 000 per square metre.
  10. City Bowl at R47 000 per square metre.


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Lucinda Dordley

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