The Pink Ladies have been offering a valuable community service to not just the Western Cape, but South Africa as a whole. This non-governmental organization (NGO) comprises of on the ground independent volunteers who formed with the primary focus of reuniting missing children with their loved ones as soon as possible.

The group does not charge a cent for its services and has been in operation since 2007.

“Not all cases of missing and/or exploited children make headlines and a large percentage are never reported to the police or social workers,” the Pink Ladies said. “We assist by taking an interest and assisting where possible. We act within strict protocols and operate within the laws of our country. We do not act in a vigilante manner, nor do we condone such behaviour.

“Among our members and volunteers are lawyers, psychologists, pastors, private investigators and criminologists as well as ordinary members of society, all of whom lend their professional skills to assist in the recovery and return of missing, exploited and runaway teenagers and spouses.”

The Pink Ladies have the following steps for parents or caregivers to ensure their children are kept safe at all times:

  1. Be involved with your kids
  2. Know their friends and who they hang out with
  3. Do not allow them to be without adult supervision unless proven safe
  4. Be on guard for behavioural changes which may indicate drug abuse
  5. Look for physical signs of abuse
  6. Educate them on the dangers online and in real life.
  7. Know your community, and most importantly
  8. Love your kids

They carry out their self-taken duty in a variety of ways but primarily focus on creating posters of the missing individual for wider distribution by the public. These posters include the name, gender, age, last seen location, and what the person was wearing when they went missing. The contact details of the relevant authorities in the investigation can also be found at the bottom of the flyers.

“The South African Police Service is almost always involved and we have a fine professional relationship with them. We are independent volunteers driven by passion and our love for children,” the Pink Ladies said.

To become a volunteer or participating member of the organisation, visit the official Facebook Page and register.

“You will not have to provide any confidential information, and once registered will have access to a number of our utilities, and be in a position to contribute in whichever way you are able. We do however reserve the right to ask for a police clearance certificate and declaration in terms of registration on the sex offender’s register. We also may refuse any application without giving reasons for doing so,” the organization said.

However, should you wish to become a Task Team Member, please follow this procedure:

– Register at the Facebook Page

– Send a short e-mail application to admin as well as a summary of any special skills which you may have or would like to bring to the organisation’s attention.

Picture: Unsplash

Article written by

Lucinda Dordley

Lucinda is a hard news writer who occasionally dabbles in lifestyle writing, and recent journalism graduate. She is a proud intersectional feminist, and is passionate about actively creating a world which is free of discrimination and inequality.