South African-born Nicolaas Verheem has been honoured at the 2021 Scientific & Technical Oscar Awards for his company’s landmark wireless transmission system which has greatly impacted the filmmaking process.

The Academy’s Scientific and Technical Awards honour the individuals and companies whose discoveries and innovations have contributed in significant and lasting ways to motion pictures. The virtual award ceremony took place on Saturday, February 13.

Verheem, along with Greg Smokler and Ilya Issenin received the Scientific and Engineering Award for the development of the ruggedized Teradek Bolt wireless video transmission system for on-set remote monitoring. The Scientific and Engineering Award is given for achievements that produce a definite influence on the advancement of the motion picture industry.

Verheem is the man behind Teradek, a company that designs and manufacturers high-performance video solutions for broadcast, cinema and imaging applications.

Teradek Bolt wireless video systems transmit exceptional HD video at distances up to 10 000 feet with no perceptible delay. The ultimate wireless, zero-delay video system is loaded with powerful software tools, rock solid wireless performance, and integrated power options, and the XT line creates a new paradigm for video monitoring. It is used by filmmakers the world over.

“We are honoured to receive a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for our development of Teradek’s Bolt. The Bolt was forged over almost a decade of hard work, with a relentless focus on the customer, leading to our solution slowly pulling ahead of the alternatives and having a meaningful and lasting impact in the industry,” said Verheem during his acceptance speech.

“But it must be said that we stood on the shoulders of giants, not only those of our colleagues in California and Israel, but also the many groundbreaking scientists over the last two centuries that made the magic of wireless video become a reality.”

Watch his acceptance speech here:

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