The Cape of Good Hope SPCA rescued a scared dog that was trapped in a canal. The dog injured his paws trying to help himself out of the messy waterway.

“We aren’t sure how long this poor boy was trapped in the canal or for how long he looked around for help before caring eyes looked back at him,” the SPCA explains in a Facebook post.
SPCA rescues trapped dog from canal
SPCA educators were on hand to help him. Credit: Facebook/Cape of Good Hope SPCA

“Fortunately, he had found a pile of debris to perch on and rest his tired body and thankfully the pile of debris was underneath a bridge that provided him with a bit of shelter from the elements. He was cold, wet and afraid – his situation was hopeless. He knew this because he had already tried so hard to help himself that he had injured his paws.”

Luckily, two educators from the SPCA, Field Officer Junior Komani and Education Officer Bongani Giyose happened to be driving through the area when an individual flagged the vehicle down to alert them to the distressed dog.

They rescued the dog and he is now on the way to recovery and his home.

SPCA rescues trapped dog from canal
He has been rescued and his injuries treated. Credit: Facebook / Cape of Good Hope SPCA

“Bojangles, named after his rescuers, is now warm and safe. His paw has been treated and his tummy is full! We have also been able to trace his owners and hopefully we will be able to reunite him with his family soon”, added the SPCA.

“We are so privileged to be able to continue serving animals at this time and to give the gift of hope when all seems lost. We are so grateful to all who walk with us every day and all who continue to give even when they themselves have little to spare! Thank you animal warriors, each rescue is a tribute to you!”

Picture: Facebook/Cape of Good Hope SPCA

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