The rustic yet chic Farm Café at Spier has recently opened it’s doors. This quaint farm-styled eatery is a must-visit for anyone looking to escape the Mother City in search for a flavourful meal.

When you arrive, feast your eyes on the manicured lawns that make up the majestic picnic area. I could very easily have spent the day nestled under a tree with a good book, if only it hadn’t been raining.

On arrival we were given a welcome flute of Spier’s MCC Brut. We then chatted amongst ourselves, getting to take in the magnificent scenery, before being ushered inside to the warmth of the Farm Café.

The Farm Café can comfortably seat 3 large groups and a handful of smaller tables inside. With a roaring fire near the kitchen entrance, I quickly forgot about the gloomy weather outside. Before I took my seat, my attention was captivated by an array of delectable desserts which I instantly knew I had to save room for.

The Farm Café’s menu is the perfect combination of wholesome, hearty and farm-fresh. I opted for the homemade tagliatelle, topped off with slivers of courgette, chili, garlic and olive oil. I also couldn’t help myself and ordered the broccoli and goat’s cheese quiche. Both dishes were simple and superb. A major emphasis has been placed on flavour at the Farm Café.

The homemade tagliatelle. Image: Imogen Searra
The broccoli and goat’s cheese quiche. Image: Imogen Searra

Head Chef Hennie Nel has certainly showcased his passion for delivering delicious, high quality food. The menu’s farm-fresh ingredients have been optimised to deliver their full flavour profile, which is why I couldn’t get enough.

For the carnivores, you are in expert hands. The signature lunch dish is the 200g beef burger with yummy pork fat fried potato roasties. A fantastic option for family-style sharing is the Farmer Angus rotisserie chicken accompanied by wholesome potatoes and veggies.

“We want every diner to enjoy themselves here, and to leave happy and satisfied,” says Nel. Inclusivity of all dietary requirements is the name of the game at this eatery.

Before we skedaddled, I decided to treat myself to the vegan chocolate cake, which is also gluten and sugar-free. Apparently two main meals wasn’t enough. The homemade baked good was one of the most delicious chocolate cakes I have ever consumed. I have dreams about the dark chocolate coating and moist yet firm sponge.

The vegan chocolate cake. Image: Imogen Searra

From the warm and friendly staff and the moreish food, to the incredible setting, Spier’s Farm Café is the quintessential farm-dining experience.

Take a trip up to Spier and visit the gabled Cape Dutch building that houses the Farm Café for either breakfast of lunch. Whichever you choose, you can have your meal inside or outside along the stoep. Wonder around the grounds after you’ve eaten or park off under a shady spot below an old Oak tree for the rest of the day.

The Farm Café is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8am-5pm.


Image: Instagram

Article written by

Imogen Searra